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Alien Rain – Black Series 30L Systems


Key Benefits

  • Mimics rain
  • Even delivery of nutrient solution
  • Flushes residual salts away
  • Supports any growing medium
  • Uses water and nutrients efficiently
  • Eliminates top surface algae
  • Allows medium to dry evenly
  • Quiet operation

Key Features

  • Integrated filtration
  • RAIN™ Brain
  • RAIN™ pump
  • SPX-Flow® pump
  • Drainage bases
  • CAMO® Tank
  • CAMO® Pots
  • Recirculate or RTW
  • Threaded fittings
  • 32mm pipe

Kit Includes:


  • Pots
  • RAIN™ Lids
  • Lid covers
  • Stands
  • Filtration header
  • RAIN™ Brain
  • RAIN™ pump
  • SPX-Flow® pump
  • Power cord
  • 12v adaptor
  • Pot clips
  • Lid clips
  • Drain covers
  • 32mm fittings
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Valve taps
  • Siphon valves
  • Stainless 304 hose clips
  • Spanner
  • Pipe cutters
  • Instructions
  • CAMO® Pots
  • CAMO® Tank


  • 4mm green
  • 16mm green
  • 19mm black
  • 25mm blue
  • 32mm green

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System specification:

Minimum footprint:
Length: 1.4m Width: 0.9m
(Pots as close as possible)
(without tank)

Maximum footprint:
Length: 1.75m Width: 1.17m
(with supplied amount of pipe)
(75cm plant centres)

CAMO® Tank volume: 120L


Plant centres: 60-75cm

Feed Pump:

Model: RAIN™ AR01001

Maximum Flow: 3500 L/hr

Power: 200W

Drain Pump:

Model: SPX-Flow®

Maximum flow: 2270 L/hr

Voltage: 12V DC



System Size:

4Pot System With Tank, 6Pot System With Tank, 8Pot System With Tank, 9Pot System With Tank, 10Pot System With Tank, 12pot System With Tank, 15Pot System With Tank, 16Pot System With Tank, 18Pot System With Tank, 21Pot System With Tank, 24Pot System With Tank, 28Pot System With Tank, 32Pot System With Tank, 36Pot System With Tank, 48Pot System With Tank

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